California Consumer Privacy Act - Six Months Left to be Ready

Japan American Society of Southern California - Crisis Management Seminar

If you received a request from a California resident asking about your data collection practices, could you, within 45 days, provide the person all of the pieces of specific personal information you collected about them during the last 12 months in an easily useful form? This is one of the new requirements under California’s new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which was adopted last year and which  comes into effect on January 1, 2020.  The CCPA applies to a wide range of businesses, not only companies registered in California, but also non-California businesses which possess personal information about any California resident.  The CCPA gives consumers new rights to request a copy of all the personal information businesses have about them, the right to have their information erased and the right to tell you not to sell their information.  The requirements can be onerous if a company does not have good compliance mechanism in place.  Just imagine if you received 25 requests on the same day, how will your business be affected?  

With just 9 months remaining before the law is effective, now is the time to understand the requirements under the new privacy law and adjust your internal systems to comply with the CCPA requirements.  The presentation will cover the following topics:




Miyako Hybrid Hotel, Torrance

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