14th Edition Model Risk

GFMI marcus evans event

As model reliance continues to grow so does the number of models and the exposure to new risk factors. This GFMI conference will explore how the nature of compliance is changing and where AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities fit with Letter SR11-7. Delegates will learn about the components and consideration involved in validation scoping and how to specify parameters for model inventories. Expert guest speakers will show how to use Bayesian nets to account for key features of aggregate model risk and the impact of AML practices on MRMs. 

Guidehouse's Joseph Sergienko, head of risk management and quantitative analytics will be presenting Broadening Spectrum of Model Risk Management.The presentation will cover:


Join Joe Sergienko and Bin Duan, Senior Vice President, US Head of Model Risk Execution at TD Bank for a Fireside Chat on Qualitative model governance and validation on June 25, at 3pm.


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