Transformational Electric Pricing

Advanced Seminar in Utility Rate Theory, Methods & Applications

Transformational Electric Pricing: Advanced Seminar in Utility Rate Theory, Methods & Applications is a three-day seminar focused on the theory and application of electric pricing to address the transformation of the industry. The seminar will examine in depth the intricacies associated with the design and launch of new pricing programs. Sufficient time will be provided to allow for the analysis and presentation of realistic case studies that provide a hands-on experience. The seminar instructors are drawn from a highly talented pool of former utility executives, regulators and commission staffers, consumer advocates, academicians, and consultants. Selection of our instructors from such a population will provide balance in the seminar’s content and allow for topic discussion from all perspectives.

Lon Huber, director at Guidehouse, will participate in a group exercise and discussion on Transformational Pricing Structures Thursday at 10 a.m. 



St. Louis, Missouri 

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