AGA National Leadership Training

The AGA National Leadership Training is an essential event for developing and training government financial professionals to excel as leaders in today’s competitive market. This training offers the opportunity to share best practices, find new solutions to challenges, network with peers and learn from the top financial management leaders and industry experts.


Guidehouse Sessions: 


W109: Know More, Become More with the CGFM Certification

Date & Time: February 28 | 11:15 a.m. - 12:05 p.m.

Hear from CGFMs about the reasons they pursued the Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) certification and how it has helped advance their careers. Enjoy a host of insights from a successful panel, including tips to help you prepare for the three CGFM examinations.

Moderator: Katya Silver, Director of Professional Certification, AGA

Speaker: Carter Vick, Associate Director, Enterprise Solutions


W116: The “A” in DEIA: A Detailed Look at Accessibility
Date & Time: February 28 | 2:10 – 3:00 p.m.
Learn how accessibility affects you and your organization and begin to navigate toward success. This panel discussion centers on Advancing DEIA: A Roadmap for OIGs, updated in September 2023 with a focus on Accessibility, as well as insights from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Reasonable Accommodation, Recruitment and Retention.

Moderator: Wendy Morton-Huddleston, Partner, Defense & Security


  • Gil Lang II, Chief Diversity Officer, Department of Education Office of Inspector General
  • Philip Hepperle, EEO Director, Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General
  • Shanita Wilkins, Chief Affirmative Employment, DEIA and Data Analytics


T110: Workforce Readiness: Recruit, Retain & Advance Government Leaders
Date & Time: February 29 | 1:10 – 2:00 p.m.
With staff stress levels and public sector attrition at record highs, public sector organizations risk experiencing a major brain drain. Some talented staff simply don’t see themselves sticking around for the long haul. But with the right coaching and development programs, leaders can guide staff to long, rewarding government careers in their chosen field and sector.

Moderator: Matt Lyttle, Director, Defense & Security


  • Allison Carlock, Senior Advisor, Individual Assistance Division, FEMA
  • Paul Huang, Deputy Director, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Department of the Interior
  • Augusta “Love” Rutledge, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Readiness, Department of Defense


T114: CFO Survey Check-In

Date & Time: February 29 | 2:10 -3:00 p.m.
In a recent survey conducted by Guidehouse and AGA, CFOs unveiled four essential elements crucial for successful technology advancement initiatives. This session promises an exclusive update from public sector chief financial officers, unveiling the challenges they’re overcoming and the strategic measures they’re implementing to seamlessly bridge the gap between financial management and technological breakthroughs.


  • Caitlin Holmes, Partner, Public Sector Financial Services
  • Jennifer Melchior, Partner, Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure


  • Jeffrey Schramek, Executive Director, Department of Treasury – Bureau of the Fiscal Service
  • Rhonda Shaffer, Deputy CFO, Federal Highway Administration


Guidehouse Attendees:

  • Wendy Morton-Huddleston, Partner, Defense & Security
  • Caitlin Holmes, Partner, Public Sector Financial Services
  • Jay Hurt, Partner, Financial Services
  • Jennifer Melchior, Partner, Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure
  • Kenneth Keels, Director, Public Sector Financial Services
  • Matt Lyttle, Director, National Security Segment
  • Amit Grover, Director, Digital Solutions
  • Doug MacInnes, Client Relationship Executive, Financial Services



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