California Public Sector CIO Academy

Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, California

Guidehouse is proud to sponsor the 2024 California Public Sector CIO Academy.

The California Public Sector CIO Academy brings together current and emerging senior-level technology leaders and the partners that serve them. This invitation-only event provides a space for leaders to collaborate and address the most important policy, management and leadership issues surrounding the future of digital government. This event covers an array of topics including delivering responsible and ethical artificial intelligence, overcoming a fixed mindset in IT, cultivating innovation and embracing risk, attracting and retaining a new workforce and creating a culture of user-centric success, to name a few.

At Guidehouse, we support leaders at both the city and state level in implementing dynamic and efficient solutions for their constituents. Whether we’re assisting climate smart communities, building out processes for disaster resiliency efforts, attracting the top talent to public service, or delivering faster, customer-centered solutions, we ensure that public sector leaders are equipped with the tools, resources, and strategies they need to create a better future for everyone.

Be sure to connect with our attendees at the event to learn more about Guidehouse. 


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