Federal Construction Forum

The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC

Guidehouse is proud to speak at Kahua’s 2024 Federal Construction Forum.

The Federal Construction Forum brings together agencies responsible for owning and managing capital construction projects, industry partners, and subject matter experts to learn, educate, and network with peers about best practices and industry trends. Attendees from more than 10 federal organizations and agencies, as well as 10 industry partners will participate in this forum.

As a leading global provider of consulting services, Guidehouse partners with the commercial and public sectors to evaluate and respond to climate risks and develop strategies for improving resilience. Our experts help organizations better prepare for the risks associated with climate change by leveraging digitization, process automation, and advanced analytics to bolster restoration processes, asset resilience, and system reliability. Guidehouse provides the knowledge and expertise necessary to integrate resilience at every operational level to support organizations in their defense against climate vulnerabilities.  


Guidehouse Session

Sustainability, Decarbonization and the Federal Environment: A Regulatory Overview

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 | 2:10-2:55 p.m. | The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC 

Almost weekly, we see more evidence of how climate shifts are changing how we live, do our jobs, and build our communities. From the wildfires in Maui and inland flooding in Kentucky to the heat domes throughout the Midwest and historic sea temperatures in the Gulf, climate risks threaten lives and cost tens of billions of dollars in wealth and productivity. 

Nations are moving towards greater analysis and disclosure of the actual costs of climate risk. Across the EU and North America, regulators are pushing private and public entities toward greater introspection and external reporting of ways that climate risks and opportunities are changing the economic landscape. In the US, new disclosure standards at the federal level, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the state level, California (SB253 / SB261), seek to empower investors and lead to greater consumer vigilance. 

Meanwhile, other efforts from the Federal Acquisition Council and the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board aim to influence federal agencies' buying behaviors. These changes will have nationwide impacts on the economy's behavior as a whole. Join us for a discussion about what changes are happening in the macroeconomic and regulatory environments that will impact building the infrastructure of the transition economy.

  • Ted Kowalsky, Director, Guidehouse


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