Identity Management Symposium

National Harbor, MD

Join Guidehouse at the 2024 Identity Management Symposium.

The Identity Management Symposium, hosted by the Defense Strategies Institute, brings together DOD, DHS, Federal Government, and industry leaders for an open dialogue surrounding the latest policy and technology developments impacting the identity and access management sector. This year's Symposium will address the importance in developments across the biometric and identity management sectors in relation to national security. Attendees will be provided a forum to address and improve internal and external initiatives, collaborate with partner organizations, build partnerships, and share insights and industry knowledge. 

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the cornerstone of cybersecurity. It builds the foundation of Zero Trust, and it's critical for security in both traditional networks and cloud-based architectures. Guidehouse's team of trusted experts helps clients develop a secure identity and access framework and successful migrate to a Zero Trust architecture.


Guidehouse Session

Tech Talk: Importance of Data Hygiene

April 11 | 9:40 - 9:50 AM | Sunset Room, National Harbor, MD

Organizations who maximize their identity solutions, support business, and security missions often work with modern and advanced IAM solutions. However, these solutions often rely on data that is antiquated or poor quality. We’ll review lessons learned from large identity data set transitions and how to implement the best data hygiene strategy. Our focus is how an organization's identity data enables better access provisioning and remediates potential risks associated with access management.


  • Amanda Kane, Partner, Defense & Security, Guidehouse
  • Caleb Frazee, Associate Director, Defense & Security, Guidehouse


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