AFCEA Bethesda LEAPS Technology Forum

Washington, D.C.

Guidehouse is a proud sponsor of the AFCEA Bethesda Chapter's Law Enforcement and Public Safety (LEAPS) Technology Forum.

The AFCEA Bethesda LEAPS Technology Forum aims to help government and industry professionals share how advanced technology keeps communities safe and prevents harm. This year's Forum will focus on cyber resilience, data, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing, with numerous keynote speakers, panel discussions, and roundtables available for attendees.

Guidehouse is committed to protecting and advancing public security in the age of new and evolving threats. Our expert consultants help clients gather threat intelligence, secure data, evolve business processes, and accelerate modernization to deliver unmatched value and the confidence our clients rely upon. Join Guidehouse at LEAPS as our team engages with fellow industry experts in relation to this year's theme, "Protection Through Prevention Empowered by Advanced Technologies."


Guidehouse Attendees:

  • Kevin Shaw, Partner, Defense & Security, Guidehouse
  • Alan Kaufax, Director, Defense & Security, Guidehouse
  • Donna Roy, Director, Defense & Security, Gudiehouse
  • Kristyn Shapiro, Associate Director, Defense & Security, Guidehouse


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