Connecting Through Innovation

Bridging the gap between federal government and the people it serves demands a forward-thinking, innovative approach to move beyond the status quo and restore public trust. At Guidehouse, we have decades of experience applying private sector intelligence and technology to antiquated systems for information transparency. The GEAR Center objectives are aspirational, but can be accomplished with thoughtful planning and the right governance.


Overhauling Infrastructure Requires New Perspective

Guidehouse has the knowledge base to reinvent the most complex issues. While the federal government has had challenges integrating and leveraging emerging technology, its constituents expect and demand it. We bring a fresh approach and strategic perspective to a historical challenge to rewrite the story and change public perception.

The Challenge

Applying Private Sector Solutions to Government at Scale is Daunting

Guidehouse has thrived on the most challenging problems with federal agencies, multi-lateral organizations and non-governmental entities. Partnerships between the government and industry with the objective of innovation, application of new technologies and the improvement of the mission and communities are multifaceted and require progressive thinking. Public/private partnership requires long-term investment from both sides of the relationship. The governance for GEAR needs to take into account how the government can meet its agenda without an ownership stake in the enterprise, and what incentives for private investment may exist.

The Opportunity

Bold Vision Becomes Reality

Our Guiderails are our core tenets, and what drives us to get things done better, faster and smarter. So how would we establish a public-private partnership to improve mission delivery, citizen services and stewardship of public resources? Recommendations might include:

  • Thoughtful consideration of the incentives for private sector entities to invest and participate
  • A full life cycle approach, with principles-led design, stakeholder analysis, and monitoring for continuous improvement
  • Identification of use cases that provide wider opportunities for solution providers
  • Evaluating benefits and efficiencies of crowdsourcing, rapid prototyping, ideation, communities of interest, AI, and gamification

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Dennis L. Chesley, Partner