GSA Schedules

Guidehouse is a leading provider of professional services to Federal agencies. Whether in management consulting, financial management, program management, or technology-related support, Guidehouse provides solutions to complex problems facing organizations. Agencies may access Guidehouse through the following GSA Schedule contracts.

Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

Federal Supply Schedule 00CORP

Guidehouse Contract Number: GS-00F-045DA

Period of Performance: Through January 6, 2021

PSS Pricelist

Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services
    • 874-1: Integrated Consulting Services
    • 874-4: Training Services
    • 874-6: Acquisition Management Support
    • 874-7: Integrated Business Program Support Services
  • Financial and Business Solutions
    • 520-7: Financial & Performance Audits
    • 520-8: Complementary Audit Services
    • 520-11: Accounting
    • 520-12: Budgeting
    • 520-13: Complementary Financial Management Services
    • 520-17: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services
    • 520-21: Program Management Services
    • 520-22: Grants Management Support Services

Information Technology Services

Federal Supply Schedule 70

Guidehouse Contract Number: GS-35F-0263P

Period of Performance: Through August 7, 2019

IT70 Pricelist

Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 132-51: Information Technology Professional Services
  • 132-45A: Penetration Testing
  • 132-45B: Incident Response
  • 132-45C: Cyber Hunt
  • 132-45D: Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

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Frank Durso
Program Manager, Guidehouse
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Brett Surbey
Director, Contacts and Procurement, Guidehouse
(517) 245-0304
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