The Future
of Healthcare

Guidehouse can help your organization navigate through a changing, complex and often uncertain healthcare marketplace. We offer insight, intelligence and actionable solutions that help organizations harness the momentum of the market, innovate new solutions and prepare the workforce for what lies ahead – all with a clear focus of adding value, improving quality and reducing cost.


Managing Change Calls for Mastering Change

A rapidly changing healthcare marketplace means that successful organization must be agile, adaptive and ready to take on change. Changes may be driven by new models of care, new systems or a myriad of other innovations. Our Guidehouse specialists are ready to lead the way on change.

To help your organization take on change, Guidehouse created (re)VisionTM: Transformation by Design, a change management framework built on behavioral science and human centered design. For healthcare and other scientific organizations, our framework offers a compelling case for change, whether it’s for clinical transformation or preparing the workforce for a more automated organization.

Featured Solution - Technology

Power to the Pixels

Technology solutions that deliver transformative digital innovation inspired by the future.

Guidehouse helps your organization assess and implement advanced technological solutions so you can better achieve your mission. From AI and machine learning to cloud, digital mobile and UX optimization, our digital visionaries understand how technology can enhance your organizational security, communications, product development and more.

Success Stories

Launching a Cross-Sector Care Improvement Initiative

The global leader in facilitating treatment research for Huntington disease – the Huntington Study Group (HSG) – needed help launching an ambitious cross-sector initiative to improve quality of care, access to care, and patient and family outreach.

To best facilitate the launch, we focused on three key efforts: 1) Conducting a national survey and interviews with patients, care providers, clinical researchers and health system leaders, 2) Analyzing leading clinical and population care models, and 3) Delivering a global market analysis to identify key pipelines, partners and funding trends.

As a result, the Huntington disease patient journey became clear, helping HSG and their partners understand how to effectively improve the patient and family experience. With this information in hand, HSG is positioned for strategic partnerships with the research community, patient advocates, as well as Federal, commercial and non-profit organizations.