Natural Language Processing Solutions

Generate Actionable Insights From Unstructured Data Using NLP and Enhanced Existing Text-based Processes Through Intelligent Automation.

The next great organizational insights are hiding in plain sight in a sea of text. They are in plain-language public comments and social posts, as well as internal emails, reports, Word and PDF documents, and other correspondence. Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions can turn this unstructured data into actionable insights. Free-form text is a rich source of potential information and insight for public agencies and private enterprises alike. But the variable nature of text and the complexities of written communication make it difficult to access those insights at scale in an efficient, value-driven way. Manual processes don’t scale, and few organizations have the internal expertise to tackle the text data analysis problem.  Guidehouse can enable you to lead on insights.

Authored by : Minsoo Kim and Chris Goodrich

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