Creating a Data Advantage

The right data strategy is critical to securing an organization’s data advantage.

Data-driven decision-making leads to better performance, greater organizational growth, and a larger return on investment. The right data strategy is critical to securing an organization’s data advantage.

Leaders in both the public and private sectors understand that data is a strategic asset. As digital transformation increases the datafication of operational and other business resources, the information available for applications like AI, automation, and machine learning is growing exponentially. But this data revolution is also transforming the governance landscape with crucial opportunities to improve strategy and decision-making. A comprehensive data strategy has never been more necessary in developing and sustaining a competitive advantage.     

In 2021, the deputy of the secretary of defense released a memorandum identifying data as a strategic asset and commanding leaders to ensure that data across the DOD is visible, accessible, understandable, linked, trustworthy, and secure. With a goal of improving performance and creating a data advantage, these principles are key to generating transformative gains in efficiency and effectiveness to better enable mission and operational needs. A comprehensive data framework has never been more crucial in developing and sustaining a tactical advantage.     

At Guidehouse, our data philosophy is informed by our united framework for data, cloud, and AI strategies, rigorous engineering processes, agile collaboration, and continuous delivery (CD) practices. When designing data strategies, we focus on promoting natural scalability, ensuring flexibility, improving ingestion speeds, and following best practices in data preparation. We leverage these processes to shorten time to customer value (TTCV), support large-scale solutions, secure sensitive assets and information, and help organizations build the data advantage essential in today’s increasingly digitized world. 

This white paper explores some of the key considerations that arise at all stages of the data lifecycle when organizations deploy solutions designed to generate high-performance and data-driven processes. Guidehouse’s data advantage framework is informed by our data governance, IT strategy, digital transformation, change management, cloud operations, AI, cybersecurity, and risk management expertise. Our technology-agnostic approach unleashes the power of data to transform existing practices and reach new levels of efficiency in all areas of an organization.


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