How Great Power Competition and Cyberwarfare Could Precipitate a Digital-Age Cold War

Don Heckman is Featured in a ICIT Article

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) has published a paper to objectively set a macro-level understanding of socioeconomic and geopolitical impacts on Russia, provide a baseline of the tools, tactics, procedures, methodologies, and strategies attributed to Russia. This paper establishes a cybersecurity lens through which readers can better interpret the developing events and more effectively adapt to secure public and private U.S. critical infrastructure against potential retaliatory offensive campaigns.

Don Heckman, Director, provides his insight, "Experience has taught us that the velocity of cyber-attacks prohibits a 'we'll figure it out when it happens' approach to managing this risk. "Failure to Plan" is not "Planning to Fail" in today's cyber world; a "Failure to Plan" is intentionally ensuring failure.

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