Exploring End-to-End Encrypted Messaging and the Enterprise

Don Heckman's Interview with InformationWeek

End-to-end encrypted (E2EE) messaging options are widely available today. How do these solutions fit into corporate IT and security strategy?

E2EE messaging can play a vital role in enterprise cybersecurity, helping companies to protect sensitive data and meet data privacy standards. Rapid cloud adoption and the rise of remote work have broadened the enterprise-level attack surface. E2EE messaging can operate as a part of corporate cybersecurity strategy. In addition to protecting messages in transit, E2EE can reduce the potential impact when a breach does occur.

In this interview with Carrie Pallardy from InformationWeek, Don Heckman of Guidehouse offers insights about E2EE for the enterprise and the implications it has not just for senders and recipients, but also for service providers. 

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