IT Modernization: Leveraging Emerging Technologies

IT Modernization in Healthcare with Tanya Arthur – Episode 3

Guidehouse presents “IT Modernization,” a series of podcasts based on discussions with IT experts and visionaries from federal government agencies and the private sector who share behind the scenes insights into the innovative world of IT Modernization. 

In this episode of the “Leveraging Emerging Technologies” podcast, Anil Krisnananda of Guidehouse sits down to discuss the current environment of IT Modernization with Tanya Arthur, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and as a CIO, she has been at the forefront of numerous technology transformations and IT Modernization programs at many healthcare organizations. Tanya Arthur's most recent role has focused on engineering an expansive technology transformation project enabling the company’s push into population health management and technology advances such as robotic process automation and AI. Ms. Arthur shares her insights on the level of change and disruption in healthcare over the past few years, the move to virtual digital healthcare solutions, the impact those choices can have on people’s lives and the how it affected her focus on strategy for emerging technologies. 

Guidehouse · IT Modernization – Leveraging Emerging Technologies (featuring Anil Krisnananda & Tanya Arthur)
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