Mitigating Network Outages with AI

Authored by: Nick Gayliard

In today’s business environment, outages can have far-ranging negative impacts. With organizations facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining network stability and performance, resilience and the ability to swiftly detect and address problems are integral to success. To that end, both tech and talent must be on point.

Guidehouse has significant experience designing and implementing solutions to predict and reduce network outages. We partner with our public and commercial clients to build and deploy AI and automated services that gather real-time network data and use ML models to analyze traffic, thereby detecting and responding to issues before they become critical.

Our team has developed expertise across the many technology stacks necessary to develop sophisticated, predictive, and automated solutions for network infrastructure monitoring and crisis response. Thus, we are able to provide increased visibility into network problems as well as tools to prevent them. In addition to preventing outages, our solutions also improve overall network efficiency. 

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