Sustainable and Reliable Cloud Architecture Provides a Flexible Foundation for the Future

Cloud architecture decisions made today will shape the future of an enterprise for years to come

As organizations manage their cloud journeys, finding the best way to architect their cloud environments is critical for success. When architected and implemented well, the potential benefits include mitigating risk, reducing costs, improving speed to market, and providing a strategic platform for growth. Organizations that are not strategic in their planning around cloud digital transformation risk losing out on efficiency, effectiveness, and return-on-investment gains.

Fundamental principles guide flexible and effective cloud architecture. A well-architected cloud should:

  • Be agile, scalable, and cost-efficient
  • Reduce interdependencies between systems, but maintain reliable interfaces
  • Offer automated and repeatable processes, configuration, and coding to manage operations
  • Recover quickly from failure
  • Introduce redundancy to reduce single points of failure
  • Be secure by design

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