Unlocking Your Organization's Full Potential with Agile

Embracing companywide change is key to accessing Agile’s transformational benefits in efficiency and flexibility.

There is a misconception in many organizations that Agile is not a disciplined approach to software development, and that the traditional method of defining requirements in detail and implementing them over a long period is more structured. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Agile, when done properly, is an extremely disciplined process that provides the flexibility required to meet the needs of the rapidly changing world we live in today. Not only are requirements continuously evolving, but so are the tools, platforms, web services, and data that provide the foundation to a modern enterprise software system.

As discussed in, An Agile Approach to Improving Federal Software Delivery, software development has struggled to respond quickly to recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and other social and political challenges. The traditional waterfall approach to software development makes it difficult to adapt quickly in the current digital landscape. A gap is opening between organizations with inflexible software development practices and more innovative, forward-thinking competitors that prioritize the needs of their end users.

Learn how to effectively achieve more collaboration, innovation, customer satisfaction, cost savings, and more by embracing an Agile culture within your organization. Read more below.


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This article is co-authored by Taimur Ahya-Ud-Din, Jerry Eshbaugh, Andrew Fraser, and Evelyn Tyan.


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