Advancing Information Sharing Using Zero Trust

In the 20 years after 9/11, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in the level of information and data that is shared within Agencies, across Agencies, and with partners across all levels of jurisdictions. Such significant progress had been made that, in February 2017, the Government Accountability Office removed “Establishing Effective Mechanisms for Sharing and Managing Terrorism-Related Information to Protect the Homeland” from the high-risk list. Unfortunately, modernization of the Department of Homeland Security’s information sharing technology platforms has lagged as both internal and external focus has moved to other, more immediate, problems.

Given the increase in the level, scope, and importance of cybersecurity programs to the business goals of an organization, not to mention the high financial and reputational costs of a cyberattack, business leaders rely on Guidehouse to act as their trusted advisor in their cyber program efforts. Guidehouse’s Cybersecurity consultants have experience working across multiple platforms and service capabilities to build integrated solutions, not standalone objects. We understand the burden too many cyber tools in an environment place on both system architectures and the people and processes that support them.


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Donna Roy, Director

Patricia Cogswell, Partner

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