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All Things Financial Management

A Podcast Series Hosted by ASMC and Guidehouse, Addressing Top-of-Mind Issues in the Financial Management Community

All Things FMThe American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) and Guidehouse present “All Things Financial Management,” a series of podcasts centered on topics of interest to the financial management community in the Department of Defense and Federal Government.

Guidehouse Partner and Host, Tom Rhoads, sits down with guests from DoD and industry, to discuss all things under the auspices of the Comptrollers’ Office and address top-of-mind issues in the financial management community.

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Podcast Episode List

Episode 1: Change and Innovation for the Financial Management Workforce
Host, Tom Rhoads, sits down with the Honorable Robert Speer, former Assistant Secretary for Financial Management and Comptroller for the Army, to discuss change and innovation for the financial management workforce.


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