How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Changing Transportation

In Politico, Guidehouse Insights shares an expert perspective on electric vehicle use

With restrictions being lifted and businesses reopening, cities around the world are rethinking urban transport to still avoid congestion, improve air quality, and allow for social distancing. The pandemic also influenced consumer choices as public transport was less frequented and electric bike and scooter sales soared.

In Politico, Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discussed if and how the pandemic impacts electric vehicle (EV) sales.

He is convinced that innovations in the auto market will be driven by businesses, whose demand for new vehicles is more resilient than individual consumers.

“There’s also a stronger economic case to electrify fleet vehicles such as delivery vans, which get pretty lousy gas mileage with internal combustion engines, spurring continued demand for EVs”, explained Abuelsamid. “Look for more announcements in the coming year resembling Amazon’s deal with EV startup Rivian for 100,000 new vans. That’s actually going to have a bigger impact than the number of consumers buying EVs.”

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