The Immediate Benefits of Mobile Charging

In an Automotive World article, Guidehouse Insights explains how mobile charging can give the electric vehicle industry time to mature

Climate change is creating new opportunities in the expanding electric vehicle (EV) market. However, there are still many challenges facing broader EV adoption, including, public charger availability, battery disposal, grid distribution capacity, and more. 

In an Automotive World article, Scott Shepard, senior research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discussed how mobile charging is a solution to bridge the gap between EV growth and adoption issues. 

Shepard explained how mobile chargers can help various EV users: 

  • For individuals, mobile chargers are useful for evaluating charger deployment sites and operations, as well as satisfying temporary demand surges. 
  • For commercial fleet operators, mobile chargers can increase faster scaling and adoption, provide spot-check services, and create an alternative to free-floating carshare fleets. 
  • For workplaces and other private networks, mobile chargers may consolidate the charging needs of a fleet into one or several units rather than a bank of fixed chargers. 

“Across these applications, mobile chargers are filling gaps within existing charging infrastructure services until a faster, more stationary solution matures,” Shepard said. “In the near term, this presents a compelling avenue to introduce and scale energy storage in EV charging, which can grow and strengthen uses for retired EV batteries.”

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