Deploying Federal Funding to Ensure Clean Energy for All

In a podcast interview with Electric Perspectives, Dan Hahn shares the latest insights on insuring an equitable energy transition.

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) represents a sea change in the priorities and initiatives of energy leaders, producers, and consumers. With billions in federal funding going towards clean energy initiatives and grid decarbonization, it is essential that actors and stakeholders across the energy sector act decisively to take full advantage of the opportunities created by new federal legislation.

Dan Hahn, Partner and Energy Providers Segment Lead, recently spoke with the Electric Perspectives Podcast by the Edison Electric Institute to share the latest insights on the most effective methods to deploy federal funding towards clean energy projects.

"The Inflation Reduction Act provides access, at speed, in a financially viable model to allow for decarbonization within middle to low income and disadvantaged communities"

— Dan Hahn, Partner and Energy Providers Segment Lead, Guidehouse

Hahn stresses the importance of focusing efforts around low-income and disadvantaged communities, which not only are the most impacted by climate and infrastructure issues but also have the potential to benefit the most from IRA funded programs.


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