The Role of Utilities in the Clean Energy Transition

Guidehouse experts Michelle Fay and Andrea Roszell share their insights from the 2023 State and Future of the Power Industry Report.

In the ongoing energy transition, utility companies are faced with challenges and opportunities unlike any others they’ve encountered before. Utilities are being asked to expand into new roles, take on new channels of collaboration across sectors and industries, nurture innovation, and adapt quickly to meet ambitious targets all while keeping the lights on for the people they serve.

Michelle Fay and Andrea Roszell, partners at Guidehouse, joined Electricity Canada on an episode of their podcast, The Flux Capacitor, to discuss Guidehouse’s 2023 State and Future of the Power Industry and the implications of the report.

"Our goal is to look at the macro trends and challenges that the industry is facing. "

— Michelle Fay, Partner, Guidehouse

In the episode, Fay and Roszell share their expert insights on the utility industry’s most pressing challenges including aging infrastructure, extreme weather, the clean energy transition, investment priorities, and new environmental standards.

"Overall, the survey responses are indicative of utilities starting to embrace the changing world and stepping up to the challenges that are associated with the energy transition. "

— Andrea Roszell, Partner, Guidehouse

Listen to the full episode to discover what's next for utilities as they navigate the unique challenges presented by the clean energy transition.


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