Insurance Accounting and COVID-19's Impact

Podcast Episode with Clearwater Analytics

In our inaugural podcast episode for Guidehouse Financial Services, our Mike Parrinello and Dave Valeri sat down with Rick Smith, Head of Insurance Solutions at Clearwater Analytics, a global SaaS solution for automated investment data aggregation, reconciliation, accounting, and reporting to discuss some of the challenges related to investment accounting in the insurance industry. In addition to the uniqueness of the insurance environment, Rick, Mike and Dave touch on COVID-19 and the resiliency of asset managers and software providers during this crisis.



Guidehouse · Insurance Accounting and COVID-19’s Impact

Data needs to be timely, accurate, actionable, digestible, and that's not waiting for anyone. Everyone has been able to figure out how to support that data management and really from an oversight and management responsibility we've all been able to adapt and figure out how to make the teams work around all these challenges that we're facing.

Dave Valeri, Associate Director, Financial Services at Guidehouse

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