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ESG in Financial Services

Environmental and Climate Risk Management

There is increased momentum toward combating climate change, as countries determine how to meet aggressive new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. Our team of climate and energy experts, specializing in climate change, sustainability, and new technologies, and former financial regulators and risk and compliance professionals, with global expertise in financial sector advisory, we help financial institutions manage and report climate risk.

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The “S” in ESG

Social issues are also becoming increasingly prominent in the conversation about ESG, as providers of capital demand more information about companies’ performance on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and human rights violations in supply chains.  Guidehouse partners with financial institutions to develop innovative solutions to drive positive social impacts both internally and externally.

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Governance is Key

Our unique combination of technology and analytics, industry, and risk and compliance experience enables us to holistically assess an organization’s program and associated risk through the lens of the organization’s purpose and corporate performance, which it draws on to help clients implement the governance and internal controls to ensure effective risk management, transparency, and accurate reporting to relevant stakeholders.

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Press Coverage

How can Banks be more Socially Responsible?
American Banker Podcast
Understanding Opportunities Is Key to Developing Climate Transition Strategies for Financial Institutions
Report examines transition planning for financial institutions working to align their portfolios to a net-zero pathway
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