Grants Competency Model Survey Analysis

Association of Government Accountants Survey Results

Using elements of several existing draft competency models in federal financial management, AGA set out to define the most important skill sets to be included in a grants management model that would demonstrate greater competency in each skill through a career progression. Tabulated results would show a representation of major skill areas. In addition, contributing elements in the results could be grouped into discrete skills families, including figures rounded-up to the next whole integer and, in some cases, combined ratings (e.g., “very important” and “important”); the end product would be a brief overview of prevailing opinions from grants management professionals in local, state and federal organizations and the private sector. 

The AGA Grants Competency Model Survey Analysis has gathered evidence toward the identification of skill sets for a multi-level grants management competency model. Such a model could be published by an organization with sufficient authority to define the profession or to specify its inclusion in a classified group of professionals, such as the Federal Government’s Grants Management 1109 Series. Likewise, it would define a higher-level grants certification equal in respectability to those available in the acquisition field. AGA hopes to contribute information towards a model that will empower grants professionals to recognize risks and their root causes, interpret federal guidance to design stronger controls and mitigations, and to adopt skills from neighboring competencies, such as performance and project management, to better manage and measure projects and the workforce.

Special thanks to Andreia Bodale and Vanessa Raba for contributing to this report.

Andreia Bodale, Director

Caitlin Holmes, Partner

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