A Preview of Trump’s Procurement Modus Operandi

It’s not going to be business as usual under a Trump administration

There has never been a president-elect like Donald Trump. He is not an ideologue, nor does he strictly care about policy. His world view is transactional in nature. It’s about looking at the world through business and media lenses. Every issue is distilled down to financial terms and placed in the context of a traditional business transaction and the positional role Trump chooses to play. 

American presidents have historically remained above the fray when it came to individual procurements. This is unlikely to be the case under the Trump administration. Our next president will involve himself in major acquisitions just as he does now in the management of his business empire. Industry will have to get used to the fact that procurements are going to take place with a degree of visibility that is unprecedented and selling the Pentagon will not be equivalent to selling the President.

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