Driving Change: Mobility As a Service

How public entities can be ahead of the next generation of transportation.

Technology has reshaped resident lives in many ways, with the rise of the sharing economy generally and transit-network companies (TNCs) for the mobility space being prime examples. The next frontier is predicted to be mobility as a service (MaaS), the aggregation of routing and payment across multiple modes of travel—train, bus, car, micromobility (e.g., bike, electric scooters, etc.), autonomous vehicles and others. 

Public entities need to find a way to be relevant to this new industry. Otherwise, they risk being sidelined, resulting in sub-optimal mobility outcomes, including harms to equity, air quality and traffic. Transit agencies have some important assets already, starting with a suite of mobility options that have established preferential infrastructure in many locations (e.g., bus stops, heavy rail, stations, etc.).

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