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Is Healthcare Breaking Bad or Headed In the Right Direction?

The future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an even bigger elephant in the room now that a Republican has been elected to the Oval Office. But instead of waiting or wavering, hospital and health system leaders need to continue to focus their efforts on improving quality and reducing costs. Click on the following links to learn about the trends that will significantly impact healthcare over the next year and steps providers should take to prepare for the future.

value based care

Trend 1: Don’t Devalue Valued-based Care - The pressure to improve quality will continue, no matter the fate of ACA. Providers need to focus on what’s known: Americans living longer with chronic health conditions; healthcare spending approaching 20% of U.S. economy; Medicare projected to reach insolvency in a decade.

Trend 2: Wither Medicaid? Whither Medicaid? - Medicaid could roll back to pre-ACA days, resulting in lost coverage for 10+ million people. 

healthcare trend medicaid
self pay crisis

Trend 3: The Looming Consumer Self-Pay Crisis - Cancer-related medical bills drove TV's Walter White to begin "Breaking Bad," and this growth in consumer responsibility for healthcare costs is surging.

Trend 4: Piecing Together the Patient Billing Puzzle - Frustrating medical bills have become an issue for providers that could hinder patient satisfaction and revenue collection.

healthcare trend billing
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