Adult Protective Service Program Efficiencies

The growing number of abused, neglected, or exploited (ANE) adults, particularly those who are disabled or elderly, has enormously negative health, social, and financial implications for states. Guidehouse experts provide insight on addressing this critical and expensive problem as more states pursue reorganization of their health and human service programs.

Learn more about the recommendations we propose in this issue brief that take into account the current state budget landscape, opportunities for additional funding, and best practices currently implemented in several states.

There is limited Federal funding and oversight designated to Adult Protective Services (APS). So while states have passed numerous laws and regulations to address this growing problem and are leveraging a variety of funding streams to assemble an APS safety net, vast disparities still exist in state and local program quality as well as inter-agency coordination. States have increasingly scarce resources, and as the at-risk population grows, it poses significant social and financial risk for those states that fail to respond to the crisis.

James Bulot and Betsy Walton

Government Health Solutions


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