CDS Tools: 9 Ways They Improve Care

Guidehouse’s Katherine Ziegler provides insight on Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools

Katherine Ziegler, Guidehouse Director, provides insight on nine ways experts say Clinical Decision Support (CDS) can improve healthcare delivery for Managed Healthcare Executive.

According the article, “A clinical staff armed with the best CDS tools can be a game changer when it comes to improving care quality and reducing care costs.” One example of a CDS tool is a robust provider solution that accesses and aggregates data, such as a provider portal. It enables providers to share care plans with other providers and with patients.

Katherine provides an example to show how CDS tools can help physicians make quicker, smarter decisions, “CDS tools can integrate patient information, identify key issues or gaps in care, and present that information in a meaningful format. This frees clinicians up to take care of patients, rather than digging through medical records for information.”

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