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Guidehouse Managed Services Inc. on revenue cycle management and patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a key focus for hospitals and health systems, as it is considered one of the top indicators of the quality of an organization. And in today's healthcare environment, revenue cycle management and patient satisfaction are closely intertwined.

Medical bills are often muddied with legal jargon and complex terminology, leaving patients confused about how much they owe. Patients may also have difficulty getting answers to their billing questions.

Becker's Hospital Review recently spoke with Scott Gunther, senior vice president of global operational development at RCM solutions provider Guidehouse Managed Services Inc.; Mark Klaus, vice president of operations at Guidehouse Managed Services Inc.; and Mr. King about the connection between RCM and patient satisfaction. Here, they outline seven customer service mistakes hospitals make, and address how hospitals can overcome these issues.

Everybody in the organization — including the CEO and RCM staff — must be committed to superior patient service in the revenue cycle. A hospital that provides a quality operational experience won't achieve superior patient service if staff and executives aren't committed to the patient experience.

Kelly Gooch, Author, Becker's Hospital CFO

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