Why Value-Based Care Will Survive Republican Healthcare Overhaul

Guidehouse's Rulon Stacey Featured in Healthcare Finance News

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Innovation Center, the Affordable Care Act as we know it, and other federal healthcare programs may soon be wiped away as the new U.S. Congress begins its work this week. But experts predict the move to value-based care, and a continuing reduction in what providers are paid, will remain, according to Healthcare Finance News

Providers will always be expected to provide better care at a lower cost, said Rulon Stacey, managing director for Guidehouse. Stacey states that he expects the concept of value-based care to move forward, and that providers are going to have to improve the billing process as people request additional information about healthcare costs.


I don't think we should expect anyone in Washington, D.C. is losing sleep trying to get healthcare providers more money. Society has expected us to simultaneously provide increased quality and decreased cost. I predict that's what the new government is going to be demand.

Guidehouse's Rulon Stacey via Healthcare Finance News

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