The JAKs Journey Offers Valuable Lessons for Innovators

What is the role of JAK players in immunology? Find out how innovators who can channel and seize opportunities via careful commercial development and planning are poised to potentially make big splashes with their kinase inhibitors.

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Looking toward the future of kinases in immunology, the path forward is anything but clear cut. As more next-gen JAK and JAK-adjacent therapies progress toward entering the market, there are a number of challenges that will be key factors in determining the success of these agents.

The potentially bifurcated way in which health authorities in the US and EU may handle JAK safety concerns will have downstream implications in each market. Regulators’ differing approaches will impact line of therapy and require developers to tailor commercial strategies on a per-geography basis to account for differing competitive landscapes and subsequent clinical trial comparators as well as pricing and access strategy.

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