Effective AI depends on an effective data ecosystem

Megatrends Video Series

In this episode of our megatrends video series, the Federal News Network talks with Guidehouse Partners Brian Jones, DO and CJ Donnelly about the importance of accelerating and modernizing their data ecosystems to amplify impact, tackle complexity, and succeed in this emerging landscape.

The ability to maximize the value of data has progressed quickly with the onset of such capabilities as ChatGPT and large language models. But as Jones points out, “There’s an increasing disconnect between how we use data in our personal lives and how we use data in our work lives across both government and private sectors.”

With many organizations ill-prepared to manage, integrate, and scale the volume of data they’re generating from new sources, Donnelly and Jones explore how a phased approach can help organizations effectively develop a robust and secure data ecosystem that fully maximizes the potential of their data. 

“I think the most important thing for organizations to consider is looking at the entire data life cycle together and holistically, and not independently in silos,” said Donnelly.



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Brian Jones, DO, Partner

CJ Donnelly, Partner

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