Assessing Organizational Readiness Viability

Conducting a Resilience-Focused Study

Resilient organizations are prepared organizations. These are organizations that not only keep driving forward to achieve strategic goals and objectives despite setbacks, but also thrive against insurmountable odds. One way to test the preparedness and resilience of an organization is through a resiliency study.

A resiliency study is a focused evaluation of a plan to determine if such plan adequately addresses its intended purpose. A well-designed study helps to determine the viability of plans, concepts, or ideas surrounding the readiness, and ultimately, resilience, of an organization. An effective analysis of the study’s results enables an organization to understand whether a specific set of plans or actions sufficiently addresses the related risks, or if that approach needs adjustment.

In this white paper, Guidehouse experts share the steps to execute a resiliency study and discuss the benefits of conducting a resilience study.

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