The State of Generative AI 2023 and Beyond Survey

How will Generative AI impact your organization's success?

Generative AI offers the potential to radically transform industries. Many organizations are already excitedly implementing Generative AI strategies and tools, while others are more cautiously weighing its challenges and risks. Where are you on this game-changing journey?

To better understand how organizations in different sectors are approaching Generative AI, Guidehouse has teamed with CDO Magazine to conduct the survey, the State of Generative AI 2023 and Beyond. This survey will help uncover factors shaping Generative AI adoption, such as:

  • The impact of data governance and management maturity on implementing Generative AI
  • Understanding the anticipated ROI of Generative AI 


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All participants will be sent a free copy of the full research report. You will also have the opportunity to speak with the Guidehouse data and AI leaders who authored the report about your organization’s Generative AI readiness.

The report will highlight insights into how senior executives and organizations are embracing Generative AI and advice on best practices for successful implementation and management of Generative AI efforts.


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