Guidehouse Humanitarian Position Supporting Ukraine

Guidehouse Humanitarian Position Supporting Ukraine

On behalf of all of us at Guidehouse, our hearts are with the people of Ukraine in the wake of the unprovoked attack on their country and freedoms and the tragic assault on humanity we are witnessing.  We share the concern for the safety of the people in the affected regions as well as for the long term repercussions of this war. 

Our primary focus has been the safety and wellbeing of our Guidehouse colleagues in the region as well as for families and friends  - both Russian and Ukrainian - impacted across the firm.  We have committed plans and resources to support their safety, well-being, and continued service.  We are also actively engaging with NGOs helping in the humanitarian efforts and continue to provide Guidehouse corporate and employee-sponsored donations to the International Red Cross on behalf of the people of Ukraine.

For those of us who have enjoyed security, sovereignty and peace, these images of suffering and loss are fueling both personal rage and global frustration.  The unprecedented and unwavering support for the Ukrainian people around the globe and public outcries of so many Russian citizens in protest to the aggression give us real hope and inspiration.  The leadership of President Zelenskyy is admirable and similarly inspiring.  May we never forget how fragile peace, freedom and liberty are as we celebrate the courage and strength of these incredibly brave women and men of Ukraine who are standing up to the Russian military and to those in Russia who are protesting this aggression.

While Guidehouse does not have offices in Russia or Ukraine, we can and will, support our clients that are engaged in the conflict.  Whether it is providing services in support of sanctions enforcement, humanitarian efforts, military logistics, anti-money laundering, cyber security resiliency, or supply chain security, we can do our part.  

Guidehouse joins President Zelenskyy’s call to #StopRussia.

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