Europe on track for meeting its 2020 Renewable Energy target, despite some countries lagging behind

Guidehouse supported European Commission in analyzing renewable energy progress in Europe

Guidehouse supported the European Commission on its latest progress report for renewable energy in Europe. The research shows that, in 2016, the EU reached a share of 17% of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption. Projections indicate that the EU as a whole has a good chance of meeting its binding renewables target of 20% by 2020. A renewables share in the range of 18.1% to 20.7% can be expected with current and planned renewable energy policy initiatives. 

Investigating progress from different angles, Guidehouse and its partners provided:

  • An analysis of the progress of the EU and its 28 Member States on their 2015/16 renewables trajectory
  • Projections on whether the EU and its Member States will meet their binding 2020 renewables targets
  • An analysis of the current and planned support schemes for renewable electricity, heating & cooling and transport in the EU-28 Member States
  • An analysis of the main barriers for further renewables deployment in the EU-28 Member States
  • Recommendations on short-term actions for Member States lagging behind their target trajectory
  • Fact sheets for all Member States summarizing the main results

According to the analysis, progress by Member State varies considerably. 23 Member States were comfortably above their indicative trajectories for 2015/2016 as defined in the Renewable Energy Directive. Only the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France are lagging behind. However, Luxembourg announced the use of cooperation mechanisms to make up for the deficit by 2020.

Without further action, a larger number of Member States risks missing their binding 2020 renewables targets: Belgium, Ireland, Greece, France, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Improving energy efficiency and thereby reducing overall energy demand represents an important pillar for achieving the 2020 renewables targets, since they are defined as renewables shares in energy demand. 

Download the full report and the factsheets for each Member State at the website of the European Commission.

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