Dutch EV Charging Approach Can Pave the Way for UK Infrastructure Development

In a report for Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks and the COP26 Transport Day, Guidehouse highlights how the UK can benefit from many aspects of the approach used in the Netherlands for public electric vehicle charging

The Netherlands is a front-runner in electric vehicle (EV) charging, boasting one of the lowest global ratios of EV chargers per EV and a high number of public EV chargers installed per capita. In the UK, 25% of the population does not have access to off-street parking, so there is a significant need for a more complete solution for EV owners. In a report prepared for Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSE) and COP26 Transport Day, key elements of the Dutch success story are highlighted:

  • Collaboration between stakeholders at different levels
  • A demand-driven approach to reduce risk for charge-point operators
  • Local mobility programs and area-wide tenders
  • A data-driven approach that provides transparency and operability that reduces costs

The report proposes six areas for priority action where learnings from the Dutch experience can be applied to the UK's EV charging situation. 

For more information, read the report here.

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