Hybrid Heating Systems in Great Britain Can Help Reach Decarbonisation Targets

In a report for Hybrid Heating Great Britain, Guidehouse highlights a crucial alternative to home heating that employs low carbon alternatives

Policy and strategy to decarbonise heat in Great Britain is at a critical juncture at present. Considerable focus to date has been put on the potential for electric heat pumps, or alternatively to replace existing fossil fuels in current boilers with low carbon alternatives such as hydrogen or biomethane. In a report for Hybrid Heating GB, Guidehouse highlights a third crucial alternative: a hybrid heating system that combines the best elements of both of these

Hybrid heating systems: 

The Hybrid Heating Great Britain coalition is a diverse group of energy networks, energy suppliers, and equipment manufacturers committed to the rapid decarbonisation of the building sector in Great Britain, formed to bring clarity to the benefits of hybrid heat solutions.

For more information, read the report here.

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