Over 50 and Looking For a Job? Here’s What You Need to Know About Age and Work

Former US Dept. of HHS Assistant Secretary for Aging Lance Robertson discusses workforce strategies for aging Americans in CNBC.

A recent CNBC survey found a majority of retirees would consider returning to work. But finding the right job isn’t always easy.

Websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Glassdoor can be helpful in finding resources and information about a company’s employment practices, including its commitment to older workers. And talking to current and former employees is also a good opportunity to gather information, said Lance Robertson, director at Guidehouse. Additionally, be sure to talk to a company’s human resources department to get a deeper understanding of the company’s policies, he said. Find out whether the company offers other options beyond online and app-based training. And healthcare options, including dental, vision and pharmacy benefits, become even more important as people age, so that’s a must to understand, Robertson added.

Read the full story in CNBC.

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