Photography is key in representing our visual look and feel. Always carefully framed, our photos can present an abstract impression at first glance. To represent our work, our customers and our role in the marketplace, we use primarily imagery shot from above, often at a great distance, but always emphasizing the role of the human in the landscape.

Style principles

Our photos are shot aerially. They give a “macro,” or “big picture” perspective, emphasizing universality. They might focus on a city, country or even a continent, avoiding a focus on the individual. People, if depicted, should be small, and not the primary focus of the composition. Effective photos show both an abstracted quality and an underlying impression of symmetry or a grid. Our photography should always have a bold, graphic feel.

Selecting imagery

When selecting imagery, look for photos that create a striking first impression. Look for an underlying pattern or grid that unites the composition. Above all, imagery should depict the human impact on a landscape, often by showing lights, buildings and roadways. While images do not need to be shot at a 90-degree angle to the ground, an underlying grid or symmetry will often be more obvious at this angle.

Avoid imagery that focuses on a single person, is not from a distant viewpoint or does not show the impact of humanity.

Photography in action

Shown at right are effective uses of photography within Guidehouse applications.

Things to avoid

Our photography functions most effectively when used as outlined in these guidelines. Please avoid these common mistakes.