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1. Professional Re Entry Program

Our 16-week Chicago-based professional re-entry program is designed to help individuals resume their career. The program, which reopens in 2020, offers an opportunity to refresh your skills and take part in a robust training curriculum, impactful work, and receive mentorship from senior leaders.

We are recruiting high-performing professionals who have taken a break from employment for two or more years. There are opportunities available in a variety of business functions and practices including: Healthcare, Energy, and Guidehouse Business Services (Marketing, Information Technology, Human Capital, Finance/Accounting, Operations, Analytics).


Guidehouse is a participating employer in the 2019-2020 AARP and iRelaunch Return to Work Initiative, if you would like more information on this, please visit the AARP website.

2. About Guidehouse

At Guidehouse, we help you take control of your future. Our teams apply experience, foresight, and industry expertise to pinpoint emerging opportunities to help build, manage, and protect your business' value.

Our professionals provide clear, compelling insights, and then work diligently to convert those strategies into actions that deliver powerful results.

Since our founding, Guidehouse has evolved through acquisition, organic growth, and strategic investments in people, processes, and technology. Each step in our rich history has been carefully planned to ensure we anticipate, meet, and exceed our clients’ needs. As a result, our business portfolio is diverse and deep, enabling us to serve clients with capabilities that span consulting, technology-based solutions, and disputes and forensics.

Learn more about our Inclusion & Diversity programming.

3. Inclusion & Diversity at Guidehouse

Guidehouse’s Inclusion & Diversity Program is committed to fostering a progressive work environment that creates awareness, supports an open exchange of ideas, and encourages a collaborative culture. It allows our professionals to grow their internal and external networks, develop a greater affinity for different experiences and enhance cultural competency—a vital leadership skill in today’s global business environment. Our inclusion initiative helps us all more deeply understand and appreciate the needs of our colleagues and clients. Guidehouse recognizes that its employees bring different interests, goals, and perspectives to the Inclusion & Diversity Program.

We have created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that provide all employees companywide with virtual and office-based opportunities to connect to the Program and with each other. Learn more by visiting our Inclusion & Diversity page.

4. Hear From Our People

Suzanne Blanton, Guidehouse “The best part of my experience with Guidehouse has been the people. I feel very fortunate to work on a team with a strong sense of collaboration and support for one another. Not only do I have tremendous respect for my colleagues, I enjoy working with them as well.” – Suzanne Blanton, senior manager

Matthew Moosariarmbil, Guidehouse“Guidehouse has provided me many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. I enjoy the challenging nature of our work and driving positive change for our clients.” – Matthew Moosariparambil, director

Guidehouse’s culture is one that is filled with high performers who constantly strive to go above and beyond. You can find opportunities to impact the business and your local community.” – Kevin Fuchs, senior coordinator

stephanie lewko“Guidehouse does an excellent job developing people. The mentoring is great and there is a close-knit, open-door culture here.” – Stephanie Lewko, director

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