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Guidehouse provides solutions to clients in the following industries:

Technology Solutions
At Guidehouse, our experts provide comprehensive technology solutions that are precision-built to your enterprise’s unique needs and mission. Helping to explore, deploy, and manage innovative systems that address your requirements in cybersecurity, product design, data analytics, enterprise resource planning, recruitment, IT strategy, risk assessment, process automation, and much more.

Guidehouse Health segment is comprised of clinicians, scientists, former provider and public health administrators, and other experts with decades of strategy, consulting, funding and policy, revenue cycle management, digital and retail health, managed care, and outsourcing experience. Our professionals collaborate with hospitals and health systems, government agencies, life sciences companies, and payers, providing strategic insights and performance improvement solutions that help them redesign, revitalize, and transform their operations.

Life Sciences
Guidehouse Life Sciences helps top pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech companies build their businesses by providing insights for growth, solutions to manage strategic, operational, and financial plans, and expert advice and counsel to protect against regulatory risks.

Financial Services
In a rapidly changing business environment, leading financial services companies of all sizes have trusted Guidehouse’s Financial Services consultants to provide solutions to their toughest challenges. For over two decades, we have helped clients address evolving risks and regulations, confronting new and non-traditional competitors, adapting to shifting markets and customer demands, all while driving innovation in response to earnings pressures and scarce resources.   We view risk management as a competitive advantage – and strike the right balance between protecting the enterprise and enabling efficiency, agility, and profitable growth. Our clients rely on Guidehouse for pragmatic and “right sized” solutions tailored to their risk management profile and operational challenges – whether embarking on a multifaceted transformation, unleashing innovation, remediating deficiencies, or enhancing operations.

Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure
Guidehouse supports a wide array of Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure related projects worldwide with engineering expertise, survey implementation, and advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities. A select team of accomplished subject matter experts provides services ranging from valuing wind farm potential in Europe, to surveying business and property owners in Abu Dhabi on their energy and water consumption, to designing energy efficiency program dashboards for energy providers in the United States.

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