Thought Leadership

Intelligent Automation for the Federal Workforce

Looking at a more empowered and agile workforce could help federal agencies lower costs in certain roles.

Exploring The Asset Disposition Lifecycle

If the U.S. Government were to privatize federally funded loan portfolios, what considerations need to be addressed?

Global Challenges Facing Female Entrepreneurs

How can we improve the access to markets by women entrepreneurs in low to middle income countries?

Fighting the Opioid Crisis With Data & Collaboration

The growing opioid crisis requires swift action that includes cross-sector collaboration supported by cutting-edge data analytics and governance.

Using RMF to Improve Audit Results

Organizations are putting new internal controls in place to fortify cybersecurity priorities while enforcing financial management compliance.

Introducing Guidehouse

Your Recognized Trusted Advisor for Comprehensive and Innovation Finance Management

Continuous Audit Readiness

The Continuous Audit Readiness (CAR) solution seeks to integrate the data management, analysis, and visualization capabilities with the accounting and financial processes.

What are SSAE No. 18s and How Do I Use Them?

Guidehouse advises civilian and defense agencies regarding SSAE No. 18s and the development of CUECs.

Shared Services

Addressing risks and achieving intended outcomes.

COSO ERM Framework and the Federal Government

Integrating Risk with Strategy and Performance.

Public Sector Solutions

Guidehouse provides management, technology, and risk consulting to clients around the world through more than 1,600 professionals in over 20 locations.

Blockchain for Global Health

Revolutionizing supply chain management and health financing through a decentralized database and peer-to-peer networks

RPA + Analytics for Financial Management

Department of Health and Human Services