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Formerly PwC Public Sector. Guidehouse is leading the way forward, inspired by the strength of our past. We are here looking into tomorrow through an innovative lens that challenges the now. Working to get it done better. Working to get it done smarter. Working to leverage every innovation in an era fueled by disruption to reach your organization’s full potential.

Our Mission

Our Vision Aligns with Your Mission

There is no greater mission than that of organizations who serve our communities. After all, you are dedicated to providing for the common good. At Guidehouse we take that to heart, solving your deepest challenges with passion and purpose. Knowing that we’re doing more for our clients than driving topline growth. Knowing that we’re helping make a difference in the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dedication to Our Community

Our people work with local communities through dedicated, passionate social responsibility. We proudly go above and beyond to engage and support our community through volunteer efforts, corporate and individual giving.

Excellence End-To-End in The Enterprise

Guiding Technology

The digital revolution is always undergoing an evolution. We help you keep ahead of the technology curve with best-in-class resource planning, analytics, intelligence, innovation and cyber solutions.

Guiding Strategy

This way to a better way. We serve you with powerful insights that impact organizational effectiveness by integrating your workforce and technology seamlessly with the driving force of your mission.

Guiding Risk

The world will never get less complex. The answer has never been so simple. We help you stay in compliance with confidence while looking at the future with a mind that’s measured to every opportunity.

Guiding Management

Your people are the heart of your success. Your process is the soul that drives it. We help you maximize the opportunities of transformation while safeguarding the sustainability of your financial and human resources.

A Word from Our Leader

“There is meaning at the heart of your mission.”

When it’s aligned in perfect harmony with your strategic vision, the path forward to success is clearly defined. Helping your leaders make optimal decisions. Inspiring your workforce with reminder of their purpose. Enabling you to clearly understand your goals and achieve upon those aspirations. Guidehouse stands beside you along every step of that path; working to help you realize your mission as if it were our own.

Scott McIntyre
CEO, Guidehouse

Our Guiderails


We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing differently; our people strive to craft unique solutions for clients who value independent, unconventional thinking.


We think that collaboration is more than a means to an end. It is itself a transformative process that drives positive business outcomes while fostering a culture of value creation.


Your success is the measure of ours. We stand behind our work and beside your team, working relentlessly to achieve breakthrough results that were at one time never thought possible.


Our sights are always set on what’s next. Harnessing the power of AI, big data and creative minds, we help your organization create new products, processes and systems inspired by the future.


It’s always better to be the disruptor than the disrupted. That’s why we help you tap into the power of digital disruption… propelling your organization into a position of technological and thought leadership.


We dedicate our talents, intelligence and time to your mission because we share your commitment to making the world a better place. After all, we live here too.