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Guidehouse's healthcare growth strategy experts support payer clients in identifying, planning for, and achieving their organization’s short- and long-term growth goals. We support our clients in exploring many vehicles for growth, including new market entry, operational scale, and strategic partnership opportunities.

Payer organizations exploring geographic and membership growth opportunities increasingly face a regulated and consolidated market. Simply maintaining current market position can prove challenging with new market entrants and shifting market dynamics.  When developing and pursuing growth goals amid these pressures, payers must simultaneously consider external market dynamics alongside internal organizational capabilities to help define the dimensions of growth and identify tactical opportunities.

  • Expansion and Growth Strategic Support
    • Leverage expansive provider client experience in more than 100 markets to develop a comprehensive theory of the market
    • Perform in-depth provider and consumer studies to provide market trends not captured in traditional data sources
    • Assess business-line-agnostic and business-line-specific capabilities to inform short- and long-term growth plan development
    • Identify partnership opportunities through identification of markets of interest and levels of partner to client compatibility
  • Operational Scale-ability
    • Examine operational capabilities related to the elements required to support and maintain growth goals, taking into consideration both Line of Business (LOB)-specific and LOB-agnostic functional areas
    • Analyze operational gaps, outline operational maturity, and identify areas of priority to support growth goals

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